DNS Check is Live!

This week we released our new tool into beta mode: DNS Check

We created this because it’s important to know if your DNS settings are correct and working properly. We received a stunning 1,061 queries in the first 24 hours!

The tool is not finished yet and we would love to hear what you think about it. What should we definitely add to the tool? What do you want to see checked?

DNS Health

We are planning to make more tools around DNS Health and make a monitoring service that will always keep an eye on your settings. We are already working on our next tools releated to domains and whois. If you have an idea for a tool or a feature, please share your thoughts with us.

Spy on your competitors; the first week

Spy tool: week one recap

Almost one week since we released our new Reverse IP Lookup tool and things are looking good. Traffic is growing and the pageviews on the new tool are growing day by day. It is great to see this kind of growth and it gives us more motivation to expand and make new tools.

What tools do you want to see?

We are developing new tools at the moment and they will be available to the public soon. We also want to know what you want. Share your ideas of tools you want to see and our coders will give their best shot at it. I am sure they won’t let you down ūüėČ

Spy on your competitors with our new tool!

Want to know what other domains your competitors have? Want to keep an eye on what your competitors are creating? Now you can! Our new tool is live since yesterday and we are already seeing a lot of people using it frequently.

You can spy on your competitors by filling in a domain or an IP of your competitor (or just someone you want to know more about). By pressing ‘Reverse Lookup’ our tool will search all domains that are hosted on the same IP and will show you the list. The tool is pretty accurate and easy to use.

Use our new tool now: Reverse IP Lookup

Alexa Explained

If you have any kind of presence on the web then you have probably heard of Alexa but was
not sure of what it is or how it can help you.

Alexa is a company that provides website analytics. What this means is that you can search and learn about a site’s global reach, the number of sites linking in, and more. For instance, let’s say you want to find out what keywords a potential customer is using to find your site or perhaps you want to make sure that the keywords you have are performing for you. When you enter a site URL on Alexa, you can pull up that information. You can also find page views, bounce percentage, time spent on your site by visitors, search percentage, and a host of search analytics as well as performance data. Basically, it’s a free site that allows you to help your site perform better and reach a higher ranking in search engines.

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A blogging experiment – where do all these comments come from?

Since starting the whoisstuff.net blog, I have noticed that I get several hundred comments a week most of them spam trying to sell some rubbish or other.  So as part of an experiment I have decided I will approve every comment that comes through for this post only.  It will be interesting to see how many SPAM comments we can get in the net month or so.

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What is a computer traceroute?

Another of the useful tools we have is the traceroute, or tracert in Windows.  Traceroute is a tool that will help you find the route between two computer networks used to communicate with each other.  The traceroute will give you a visual or textual representation of each hop (stage) your data needs to travel through and the time it takes to travel each of these hops.

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So what is a computer network ping?

Simply, a ping allows you to check whether or not your computer can communicate with another computer on the same network or over the internet.  The ping result will also help you to determine the network latency between the two networks.

Latency is the speed at which it takes to send the signal and for the recipient computer to reply.  Latency is important for some applications that need to have quick responses.  Gaming is a good example of this where low latency is key.

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What is whois search?

An example of a whois search

An example of a whois search

So a day after my first post it comes time for the second and in this post I am looking to go over a bit of the history of domains and what all this whois stuff is about.

The internet as you all know is a web of servers that are connected together that create the internet as we know it today.  All of these servers need to know where each of these servers are, otherwise when your typed in a URL in your browser you would get nothing.  Each of these servers have an address, similar to a house number (I simplify :) ), and this is called an IP address.

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